How to Have a Non Love at First Sight Relationship?

Answer It's too hard to pretend if you meet a person that you feel you don't love. Just check out some tips on how to manage this kind of situation.

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Did anyone else not fall in love with their baby at first sight?

I was so in shock after giving birth that I didn't really know what was going on. Everyone at my hospital was AMAZING, and did everything how I wanted it. My daughter was placed on my chest instant... Read More »

First/Surrendering Mothers, what do you believe to be the biggest misconception about First Moms?

That we are crack ho's that didn't want our babies. That we "get over" surrendering our babies. That we do not deserve our babies.

Do you believe it possible to fall in love with someones voice?

Absofrickenlutely.The accent, the intonation, the tonality, the resonance, the inflections, the overtones..Sometimes (((Star))), it's enough to drive a man nuts.

First-Grade Activities for Sight Words?

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