Do you believe in crystal therapy?

Answer Some believe in it.. If it helps them feel better, eases their pain, to believe in this.. then so be it. I'm talking about all the ouchies we each encounter throughout the day/night. Not anything m... Read More »

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Does crystal therapy work?

i tried, but it did not work.i did through Dr.NK Sharma of Pitam pura but it is fake.good luck

How to Make Crystal Rings by Crystal Findings?

Making beautiful crystal rings by crystal beads are very popular, then learn step by step how the crystal rings are made follow the editor. First thing is to prepare the jewelry findings jewelry su... Read More »

What is a crystal matrix on a crystal rock?

All crystals, from salt to sugar to gemstones, are built up from a repeating, uniform pattern of atoms or molecules. In geology, a crystal matrix refers to rocks, of many different types, in which... Read More »

Is Czech crystal the same as Swarovski crystal?

Swarovski crystals are typically a much higher quality than Czech crystals. Czech crystals are machine pressed or cut and have fewer facets, while Swarovski crystals are made of crystal-cut rhinest... Read More »