Do you believe everything that is posted on the internet?

Answer No way. For every good post or article there are probably just as many poor ones.

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When you block someone does everything they posted on your timeline get erased off!!?

My internet is fast at everything but loading videos. It used to be fast, not its slow. Why is that ?

Try using a new web browser. On windows, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Google Chrome are good alternatives to Internet Explorer. This may help a little.Try running a virus/spyware scan. AVG antivirus... Read More »

Doesn't it annoy you how some people believe EVERYTHING the media says?

YES YES YES!Star for you, Billie Jean!It happens ALL THE DAMN TIME. In school, Lady Gaga is a man, Michael Jackson is a paedophile who wants to be white. I asked these imbeciles if they would belie... Read More »

Wikipedia, to believe or not to believe that is the question?

well anyone can go into wikipedia and add stuff about anything. so I don't think its a credible source for research any more. Most of my professors won't even accept it as source so I'd be careful ... Read More »