Do you believe adoption prices are too high Why or why not?

Answer trace Cyrus

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High prices for food... why do people with a yard or land complain about high food prices when they can?

I agree that people should at least try it. Most suburban gardens haven't the room, or are not allowed to have chickens or meat animals, but growing fruit and veg doesn't take up much room or time.... Read More »

Can you believe train prices?

A simple answer . Its called "Rip off Britain"Last time I was on a train I travelled from London to Newcastle From memory I think it was about £60 (10 yrs ago)During the journey I met an American ... Read More »

Do you believe adoption and foster care need improvement If not.....?

Foster care needs so much reform, it is sickening.That article is sickening. To think the women only was in jail for 8 years for her crimes. Our justice system is sickening.

Why do so few of you believe us about what adoption does to adoptees?

Because if people decided to listen to the truth it would mean missing out on what they want. Separation trauma is a well known fact of life. It has been around for a very long time as has many o... Read More »