Do you beat up your computer when it works slowly?

Answer no i just furiously slam my mouse repeatedly haha :)

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Only one earbud works when you listen to music etc on the computer and ive tried different earphones and they all do the same Is there a way of fixing your computer?

Open up the Control Panel, go to Sound and Audio Devices, in Volume click Advanced and make sure your balance is centered.

What does it mean when your ipod shuffle slowly blinks a green light won't turn on and isn't showing up in my computer or itunes?

You might want to get ahold of the manufacture and get it replaced or serviced. It's most likely dead, probably the battery is defective.

How to Deactivate Your Photoshop CS3 When the Computer No Longer Works?

An Adobe Photoshop CS3 serial number activates two computers to legally use the software. If you wish to switch Adobe Photoshop CS3 to another computer, you must deactivate it on the original compu... Read More »

I am having a problem with my computer responds slowly?

just reformat your pc and job doneor Here is some steps to speed up your computer.1. delete all temp files from your computer (search--*.tmp--all drive-- delete) or manually from windows temp folde... Read More »