Do you automatically have the CPA designation upon passing the exam?

Answer You must take a test of professional accounting skills before becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). However, you do not automatically receive a CPA license just because you passed the test.... Read More »

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My computer turns off automatically while working on it and restarts automatically. What could be the reason?

Could be ovewr cheating fix make sure all exhaust ports are clear of blockage.Could be a virus/spyware fix obtain a free virus scanner like AVG to rid yourself of the nuisanceCould be a random wind... Read More »

How do you get a set of photos automatically from a normal DVD to automatically create an index wrap around sleeve showing all the chapter points as photos to see the DVD contents?

No. Blu-Ray discs will only work on Blu-Ray players, but DVDs can be played on a Blu-Ray player thanks to the backwards compatibility feature

How to Use an MBA Designation?

The MBA designation marks an achievement that you should be proud of, but be careful about throwing it around unnecessarily. Remember, while a Master of Business Administration is an important prof... Read More »

What is an RA designation?

If someone has the designation RA behind his name, it is likely that he is a registered architect. A registered architect is granted this designation by the National Council of Architectural Regist... Read More »