Do you assume that people who don't appreciate Beer....?

Answer I agree pretty to share some Mythos with me?

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Why do people assume poor people cannot parent and don't deserve their babies?

Yeah, I noticed them, too. I also know that most people in America live one or two paychecks from homelessness, and one serious family illness, like breast cancer, heart attack or stroke, can wipe... Read More »

Why do people assume it's okay to pass judgement?

There is a difference between passing judgement and understanding someone else to a degree. Judging is part of human nature. We judge people all the time whether it be positively or negatively. I w... Read More »

Teens: What's something you hate that people assume about you?

People assume I'm stupid. :LI'm on the honor roll...not sure what else I have to do to prove myself.

Do people assume a girl is gay if she has short hair?

not really.short hair is hot sometimes. it all depends on ur style and how u dress and talk. if u dress baggy and are rough and sometimes rude ...and act somewhat like a guy,then ppl may get the pe... Read More »