Do you assume that people who don't appreciate Beer....?

Answer I agree pretty to share some Mythos with me?

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Teens: What's something you hate that people assume about you?

People assume I'm stupid. :LI'm on the honor roll...not sure what else I have to do to prove myself.

Why do people assume that middle class parents don't place children for adoption?

My parents were middle class.It was the shame of being unwed and the shame of the church - that were the major influence over my being adopted.Even though my father had offered marriage - it was to... Read More »

What do people think of the beds with slatsi assume that they're as long lasting as a divan eg?

Divan beds are much better than the wooden slots ,find cheap beds on furniture classified website called or if you dont like your bed sell it on .Problem solved

Some people say that Rootbeer is a type of beer.Is that true?