Do you any books/sites about pretend play and it's role in child's development?

Answer There are lots out there. And, yes, child psychology books are a great asset…

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How did foreign policy play a critical role in the development of the US in the early national period?

Sources seem to indicate that he speaks English, Spanish, and Arabic.

What is meant by A childs development is holistic?

Holistic means that everything is taken into consideration. Development is not dependent upon 1 thing it is dependent upon a multitude of things.

How does poverty efffect a childs development?

It is my view that although poverty can have a negative affect on a child's development when it comes to health. I also think that it doesn't have to be negative when it comes to education, motivat... Read More »

How can media sources be used to increase a childs psychosocial development?

You must watch the media with your child. When he/she has a question, put the media (Video/DVD) on pause, answer the child and provide an explanation. If you are watching television, you can comme... Read More »