Do you always brush your teeth twice a day?

Answer Well, it's not life threatening to miss brushing once in a while, but it's best not to forget.(Yes, I do brush mine twice daily)Always be true to your teeth, and they will never be false to you!

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I brush my teeth after every meal or twice a day for more than a year. why are my teeth still yellowish.?

It sounds any deficiency in your body> check your teeth to a dentist. He will tell you better then all of us.

Do you always brush your teeth before going to bed?

i brush 4times a day floss nightly.still have my own teeth, at 53.

My teeth r a bit yellow , i brush my teeth twice a day !?

you should also floss and mouthwashbuy some whitening toothpaste

Why does my girlfriend always brush her teeth after she ?

Is diddles like ripple...?*confused again*Personally, I always brush my teeth after eating popcorn, eating chocolate, and giving oral sausage love, but that is just me...*cries*