Do you agree that thin hair ties are better than thick ones?

Answer I love thin hair ties. They dont pull my hair as much so they hurt a lot less and they look sexier too.

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If I have thin and fine hair, unlike those thick and luscious ones, how do I "thicken" my strands?

You can't thicken hair, although giving it volume will make it seem thicker. Blow drying hair with head upside down, back combing, curling hair, plus there are countless volumising products in stor... Read More »

How to Turn Thick Wavy Hair into Thin and Straight Hair?

We all experience the urge to alter our hairstyle, if not the nature of our hair. At the root level, if you have thick, wavy hair, you always will. However, you can style it to adopt other qualitie... Read More »

How to Make Thick Hair Go Thin?

There are all kinds of products available to make thin hair thicker, but finding products and methods to make thick hair appear thinner is much more difficult. Changing the way you care for your ha... Read More »

Thin and thick hair Questions?

no, it means that your baby fine hairs at the bottom aren't as thick as your hair on the crown. This is normal. Also, wearing pony tails can thin hair at the bottom, as well brushing tangles to har... Read More »