Do you agree that drinking beer without vodka is a waste of money?

Answer YES, I completely agree!you're Russian, aren't you? ;)

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How can I keep my masculinity without drinking beer in college?

Try different beers if you think it will help. You'll only really need beer for beer pong with your friends. Out at the bars and such; liquor is even sometimes preferred by the guys.

If someone has 2 coronas and 4 shots of vodka in a 2-hours time span, is that casual or problem drinking?

Then stay away from this one, even if he doesn't have a problem by definition he is working on it. Hook up with someone who holds the same ideals and interests you have. Please don't "lower" you ... Read More »

Do you think that Blu-ray is a waste of money?

Is drinking a 375 ml bottle of vodka in one night alone considered "moderate drinking"?