Do you agree?

Answer My answer is that I agree with you 100%. But don't waste your time trying to convert meat addicts, they believe what they want to believe. They may rethink the issue while laying in the ICU unit ... Read More »

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How to Make Someone Agree to Something They Didn't Mean to Agree With?

Have you ever wanted to make a fool out of someone, or make them say something they didn't actually mean? Try this!

Does anyone agree with me?

Rather it is a case of self assessment. The foreign work force is plugging the gap for American pitfalls.The rule of capitalist structure is applicable; market forces are determining who is to get ... Read More »

Do you agree.?

Esperanto's a stupid language, which only elitests use. The only way there'll ever be one world language is for someone to create a language so good there would be a global language standardiazatio... Read More »

Does anybody else agree with me on this?

I am 12 and I totally agree with you on this! I hate everybody being in a relationship. I personally find it retarded to do all this stuff, especially have a relationship at this age. I mean come ... Read More »