Do you admit your problems to google?

Answer Yeah I never thought that I did but I do. If I have a problem go to Google and search it up and figure out there's other people with the same problems.Could you check out my YouTube ItsMaxine24 I'm... Read More »

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Should i admit i went to another school or not admit it?

I believe that if you have applied for financial aid and used the funds at this old college where you did poorly, you would have to list that college on your college application and mail the new co... Read More »

Google problems when i search?

Sounds like a virus, try one of these steps:1. Presuming you are running Windows 7 or XP, I would recommend you install a new copy of Windows using the built in feature Windows Anytime Upgrade. It ... Read More »

Problems with Google Drive?

you can try the restore default option in Internet properties.

Google problems or virus?

Its not a virus because i'm getting the same thing. It is math and science related because on a calculator e=2.71828183. H is planks constant which is 6.626068 x 10^-34 m^2 kg/s. K in the symbol fo... Read More »