Do you add a degree of temperature when taking under the arm?

Answer hi im in the same position as u but i am probibly a lot younger i am 12 years old and 2 months pregnant i havent grown alot yet but showing a bit my mam and dad think im just gaining weight and i t... Read More »

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Do you add a degree when taking temperature by ear?

Challenges to Face When Taking Up a Master's Degree?

Deciding to undertake a Master's degree is a significant and important life decision. In many ways, you will be putting the rest of your life on the back burner for two to seven years depending on ... Read More »

When billing a client, what category of work do I put having a beer and taking a nap under?

Put it under "other."That's where I include a list of all my cigarette breaks. Clients get billed for the time plus the cost of smokes.

Under which river major construction of metro tunnel under a river is taking place?

The Kolkata Metro or Calcutta Metro The underwater metro plan was thought of when the first metro service was inaugurated in Kolkata in 1984 by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Line 2 (East-Wes... Read More »