Do you actually NEED little tapes or dvds to film with a minidv?

Answer Yes, you need some type of media be it the tapes or DVDs to save the data to. And they can be expensive! Also, recording time is extremely short, so as low as 30 min!Personally, I think the units... Read More »

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Are all MiniDV tapes the same?

No, the HDR-FX7 uses HD MiniDV tapes for higher resolution videos.Although it can also use normal MiniDV tapes, the resulting videos would be in normal resolution.

How to transfer miniDV tapes to computer?

If your laptop has an expansion slot you can add a firewire card. All camcorders use a 4 pin connection. If your laptop's connection is the same then it too is 4 pin (surprise!) if not it'll be a... Read More »

Is there a major quality difference in MiniDV and film?

The short answer is that Hollywood films use expensive cameras!OK... so here is the long answer:Most consumer MiniDV cameras like the one you have do not have the features necessary to give that "f... Read More »

Where can I get vhs tapes converted to dvds?

Converting VHS tapes to DVD is a highly valuable service in the age of digital media. For example, DVD quality doesn't degrade with use or time. Modern home theater equipment with VHS players is be... Read More »