Do you accept friend requests on Facebook from strangers?

Answer I've had a few of those- I push "ignore". I figure why share my life and information with someone I don't even know? You can never judge a book by it's cover. Some sicko could post a female phot... Read More »

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What would you do if someone you work with every day requests you on Facebook but you don't want to accept it?

Maybe use the excuse that it's strictly no business coworkers, bosses etc. My facebook is only for close friends and family! How does that sound? Good luck!

Would you accept strangers who try to connect with you on Facebook?

i personally wouldnt accept them as there are some really weird and corrupted people in today society. but thats just my opinion.

In Facebook my friends accepted my friend requests but they are not on my friend list?

On your Facebook Profile page click and go on "Friends"Here all your friends will be listed.You can add or manage them into your friends list like: close friends, acquaintances, family etc.

How can you accept family requests on facebook with your iPod touch?

You have to open facebook in safari and it will be like ur on the computer... I downloaded the Facely HD app and with that you go to your profile and click the requests tab.It is the same way for p... Read More »