Do you Think we Have the "Best Health Care System In the World"?

Answer If the cost is immaterial perhaps the US does have the best Health Care System in the world.Hillary Clinton asked how the US Health Care System can be improved and received 39,000 answers. You can... Read More »

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Does Gabon have a health care system?

Yes Gabon is one of Africas wealthier countries and has a health care system including clinics and hospitals.

Which country have good physician and best health care?

What is two-way referral System in Health Care delivery System?

Two-way Referral System in Health Care A-two-way referral system in health care delivery is a two-way relationship between a primary health care provider or facility and a higher-level hospital or ... Read More »

For those that don't think we need health care reform: What do you think the difference is?

I am blessed to be Canadian, and I have to say that I think not to have health care available to all just shocks me.When I had my daughter, she was born early, and spent two and a half months in th... Read More »