Do you I have to qualify for FAFSA to be eligible for students loans?

Answer You can probably get a loan, especially if you have a cosigner. However, due to the economy a lot of places are no longer giving non certified you might have to settle for a certified o... Read More »

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I need a private student loan (didnt qualify for fafsa) without a cosigner(ALL relatives have bad credit).?

Like Found-1 above me said, ANYBODY and EVERYBODY can qualify for a federal student loan through fafsa, even with bad credit. Federal student loans do not go by credit anyways. If you did the faf... Read More »

Me and my husband made 30,000 last year and we have a 16 year old, do I qualify for fafsa?

It really isn't that hard.…that site will calculate it but you will get the full amount since it is divided by 3 people.

How to Qualify for FAFSA?

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is basically an online application for college students or upcoming college freshman. Prospective students complete the form to figure out if th... Read More »

Helpful Hints on How to Qualify for FAFSA?

While attending college is a great aspiration, paying for college can be a source of great exasperation. Going to college usually means finding a way to pay for it. The first step toward receiving ... Read More »