Do yellow tomatoes grow in Indiana?

Answer A number of yellow tomato varieties, including Lemon Boy, Taxi, Azafran and Yellow Pear are grown in Indiana. Tomatoes are easy to grow and are the most common garden vegetable in the United States... Read More »

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Can I grow tomatoes from store-bought tomatoes?

Seeds from a store-bought tomato must be fermented before planting. This process takes approximately three days, and then the seeds must be dried for at least a week. For the best-tasting homegrown... Read More »

Why Are My Tomatoes Withered & Yellow?

Tomatoes are summer plants that produce tasty, edible fruits. Their dominance as a garden and farm favorite belies the fact that they are prone to attack by many different pests and disease. Tomato... Read More »

When is a good time to plant tomatoes in Indiana?

According to the Department of Horticulture at Purdue University, tomatoes can be planted in the ground in mid to late April in southern Indiana. In northern Indiana, you'll have to wait until mid ... Read More »

Wall-O-Water Tomatoes With Yellow Spots on the Leaves?

A Wall-O-Water is a device made up of water-filled plastic cylinders. These tubes surround plants, offering insulation and direct protection from frost. The water within the tubes gives off heat th... Read More »