Do yellow jackets leave their stingers?

Answer No. They have smooth stings which don't get trapped.

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Do wasps lose their stingers?

Unlike bees, wasps--also referred to as hornets or yellow jackets--do not lose their stingers. Only female wasps have stingers, but they can sting as often as they want without dying, injecting pai... Read More »

Can wasps lose their stingers& still survive?

Unlike bees, wasps can sting multiple times without losing their stingers. If a wasp's stinger is lost, however, the wasp will not survive. The stinger is directly connected to vital organs located... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Yellow Jackets & Bees?

Yellow jackets and bees pose problems for families with young children who want to play outdoors. The insects often build nests inside of trees or other structures and, when disturbed, they defend ... Read More »

How to Kill Yellow Jackets?

Yellow jackets are 1 of 5 types of wasps that build nests, gather food, sting and act as pests around humans. They are 1 of the most aggressive types of wasps on the planet. Unlike honey bees, yell... Read More »