Do worms have ears?

Answer Worms do not have ears or any other traditional sensory organs such as noses or eyes. Worms have a comprehensive nervous system that can detect environmental stimuli including noise vibrations, hea... Read More »

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Do meal worms have ears?

No. Mealworms do not have ears, but they may be able to sense sound and vibration with their antenna and through their bodies. Mealworms are not actually worms but are the larva of meal beetles.Ref... Read More »

Can parrots eat meal worms or wax worms?

Parrots are picky eaters and may consider mealworms and wax worms as appetizing as you do. Parrots are mostly vegetarian and the optimum diet is 10 percent beans and nuts, 20 percent fresh fruit, 2... Read More »

I stretched my ears 2 days ago to a 2g but one of my ears still hurts?

Learn to type.No one cares or has sympathy if you're inflicting this upon yourself.Take them out or man up.

Top of my ears and behind the ears get hot, sting and itch - why -see more info below?

I have the itchiness and sometimes the soreness. My condition is Seborrhoeic Dermatitis. You need to ask your doctor.