Do turtles find a mate for life?

Answer No, turtles do not mate for life. Both male and female turtles, once they reach the mating age (which can take several years) will mate with several partners over the course of their lives.Source:G... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Woodpeckers?

There are many species of woodpeckers. Although they prefer wooded areas, they can occupy most parts of the world. The woodpecker uses its sharp bill to peck holes in trees. Its long, barbed tongue... Read More »

What Do Woodpeckers Eat in the Winter?

Several varieties of woodpeckers can be found throughout the United States. Their winter diet varies depending on the specific type of woodpecker and what part of the country they spend the winter... Read More »

Do woodpeckers eat termites?

Woodpeckers eat insects that humans consider to be pests, including termites. They also eat nuts and berries. One reason why woodpeckers tap on wood with their beaks is to find food. They also hamm... Read More »

How to Scare Away Woodpeckers?

Whether a woodpecker is searching for bugs in your trees or punching holes in your wooden siding, scaring away the bird keeps the damage to a minimum and may prevent the bird's return. Commercial w... Read More »