Do women wash their used tampons before trashing it?

Answer ew no! a total waste of time! was she planning on using this again?

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What did women do with their periods before tampons and pads?

A couple of people had it some what right.Women typically used to either A) wear tight underpants with an extra thick gusset, or B) used specially designated rags that they would insert the way mod... Read More »

How Often Should Black Women Wash Their Hair?

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How often should african american women wash their hair?

I wash mine every week. I use to do it every two weeks but I would get a lot of hair breakage because of that. Now that I wash my hair once a week I never have dandruff and my hair breakage has sub... Read More »

How many women will deliver before their due date? and show that about 5 percent of women give birth on their due date, with 47 percent delivering prematurely or within the accepted two-week window before the due date. ... Read More »