Do women wash their used tampons before trashing it?

Answer ew no! a total waste of time! was she planning on using this again?

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Are Tampons really necessary for women?

No they are not uncomfortable if you get the correct size and use them properly. They are alot cleaner than pads and it does not feel like you are wearing a diaper. Pads are just discusting. Tam... Read More »

What did women do with their periods before tampons and pads?

A couple of people had it some what right.Women typically used to either A) wear tight underpants with an extra thick gusset, or B) used specially designated rags that they would insert the way mod... Read More »

What is trashing os?

The problem of many page faults occurring in a short time, called "page thrashing".

My wife is trashing the house and has bloody diarrhea?

It may not be as bad as you think. You can rent a carpet cleaner for less than $35/hour or if you don't have the time Stanley will make it look new for $50-60. Good luck.