Do women prefer massages from a male masseur ?

Answer Women are not as insecure about coming in contact with someone of the same gender as men are. I don't care who works on me, as long as they do a fantastic job. There's a little idea that massage th... Read More »

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Why should pregnant women get massages?

It relaxes you and the baby and keeps the heart rate at a normal pace nice and steady. It also of course relaxes the mussles and it is not good to stress when you are pregnant so it helps a lot but... Read More »

Can pregnant women get foot massages?

Foot massages are great for managing pain and edema (swelling) during pregnancy, but the inside of the ankle should always be avoided. It is a reflexology point that corresponds to the uterus and c... Read More »

Do you prefer going to a male or female Doctor?

either, if you are ill your grateful of either attending to you

Do you prefer and shower or Bath and are you male or female?

I prefer to shower but I try to have a bath at least once a week.My boyfriend on the other hand LOVES to take baths. Weird huh?