Do women have the same heart procedures as men for cardiac catheterization?

Answer The procedure for cardiac catheterization is the same for both men and women. Men tend to have the heart procedure performed more regularly than women, however. It is now believed that cardiac cath... Read More »

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Procedures for Loss of Hair in Black Women?

A woman's hair reflects who she is and is an important part of her personal style--and its loss is an emotional issue. Black women often have unique issues with their hair type, including specific ... Read More »

What are the causes of women's heart disease?

Heart disease kills more women over 65 than any other cause of death. A complex condition, heart disease is brought on by a variety of factors, including smoking, inactivity, diabetes, obesity, hig... Read More »

Do women have heart on right side?

It worries me more that this might be a serious question rather than a joke!No, all human hearts are over to the left. The only exception is patients born with a condition called dextro-cardia, whe... Read More »

Why most of the time only men die out of heart attack,not women?

Women also die of heart disease, in fact, after menopause, their risk is the same as that of men.