Do women experience this too?

Answer Yes I did feel like that at the start of puberty but the feeling got more intense after becoming sexually active

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In your experience, do you find that women who have c-sections do not bond as well as women who had vaginal...?

I think it depends on the mother, not the birth.I had her via c-section. They handed my daughter to me immeadiatly, they gave me a few minutes before they started closing me up. She's my world.

Do women experience pain in wrist after giving birth?

It may be possible, but it is not probable. Sometimes fluctuations in hormones can cause the tendons muscles and bones in the wrist to become inflamed and sore. When my mother went through menopaus... Read More »

Do black women experience early pregnancy symptoms that are different and more noticeable?

Answer Of course not. A black woman may have different symptoms to her white friend, but this is just normal variation, nothing to do with colour or race.

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