Do wind chimes keep deer away?

Answer No. While deer have excellent hearing, in wooded areas there are many constant atmospheric sounds. Unless the wind chime is very loud and dissonant and works on command, it will not keep the deer a... Read More »

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Do wind chimes keep birds away?

When wind chimes are rustled suddenly by the wind, it can frighten birds away. This can be used as an effective method to keep birds away from fruit on a plant. Chimes may also prevent birds from... Read More »

How do I keep deer away from arborvitae?

Build a FenceBuild a deer fence around your arborvitae during the winter months when hungry deer are most likely to feed on your landscaping. Use a durable material such as metal or polyurethane. I... Read More »

How do I keep deer away from my garden?

Plant Unsavory PlantsPlant species that deter deers, such as daisies and irises, throughout your garden. Focus them on the edges of the garden to stop the deer before they enter.Hang DeterentsColle... Read More »

How do i keep deer away from flowers?

FencingPut up a wire fence around the flowers. For a small garden, a 4-foot high fence will be sufficient. For larger gardens, a wire fence angled away from the yard works best. Deer will usually j... Read More »