Do wind chimes keep deer away?

Answer No. While deer have excellent hearing, in wooded areas there are many constant atmospheric sounds. Unless the wind chime is very loud and dissonant and works on command, it will not keep the deer a... Read More »

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Where did wind chimes come from?

Wind bells, as wind chimes were called in 2nd century India and China, were hung from the corners of pagodas, palaces, pavilions, temples and private homes. The tinkling caused by the slightest bre... Read More »

Ancient Wind Chimes?

Ancient wind chimes offer the modern world a musical glimpse into cultures (especially Asian) of long ago. Webster's Universal College Dictionary defines wind chimes as "An arrangement of small sus... Read More »

Do wind chimes keep birds away?

When wind chimes are rustled suddenly by the wind, it can frighten birds away. This can be used as an effective method to keep birds away from fruit on a plant. Chimes may also prevent birds from... Read More »

How to Restring Wind Chimes?

Wind chimes are decorations for gardens and patios. It is one way for you to relax yourself with the sound of the beach glass, homemade shell or other rustic styles when wind hits the pipes. Some p... Read More »