Do white spruce trees grow naturally in New Mexico?

Answer The white spruce (Picea glauca) is a large evergreen tree that is native to Canada and the northern part of the United States. This tree can grow in the northern parts of New Mexico, where the aver... Read More »

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Do white spruce trees grow naturally in Colorado?

White spruce trees are found in their natural range in Canada and in the northern United States. They are not native to Colorado. White spruce, whose scientific name is Picea glauca, are common as ... Read More »

How fast do spruce trees grow?

There are several varieties of spruce trees that grow in North America, including Colorado blue spruce, white spruce and Black Hills spruce. Most North American spruce trees grow between 12 and 24 ... Read More »

Do any spruce trees grow in zone 8?

The Colorado blue spruce tree, or Picea pungens glauca, is a variety of spruce that grows in USDA zones 3 through 8. It reaches an average height of 40 to 80 feet, although some reports describe t... Read More »

How fast do Norway spruce trees grow?

The Norway spruce, or Picea abies, grows more than 18 inches a year in ideal growing conditions. It is the fastest-growing of all the spruce trees. Mature Norway spruce trees reach 80 to 100 feet h... Read More »