Do white people like light skinned black people better then the dark ones?

Answer Some do, some don't. but most of the time it depends on looks and personality. as you can see, tons of dark skinned black people are with white people and vice versa. it's really a shame that they ... Read More »

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For the black men, Why do dark skinned women have to compete so hard with light skinned women?

First and foremost I am not a Black Man but I am a dark-skinned women and this is what I think of it. I think its mind over matter. As a dark-skinned women, I have learned that its really not a com... Read More »

Can a light skinned woman and a dark skinned man have two dark skinned children in a row?

How do dark skinned people look emo?

heyy.. emo is too old style why dont you try the : scene style.. u seem realy good person and emos are like depressed all the time.. so u dont have to do that try the scene look.. its not to differ... Read More »

How to Paint Dark Skinned People?

Admittedly, most, if not all, classical painters painted primarily light-skinned people. However, the principles of coloring are quite similar. Many of these techniques can be applied to traditiona... Read More »