Do white people Always wash their hands?

Answer I don't usually make generalizations either but the two white people at my work place ALSO forget to wash their hands. The entire staff at our school knows it and everyone's disgusted by it. Sinc... Read More »

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What percentage of people wash their hands when leaving public restrooms?

In Japan I'd say 90% of men wash their hands. For women its probably higher (just a guess). Kids maybe 50%.Me 100%

What are your thoughts on people who don't wash their hands after using a toilet?

Do you always wash and dry your hands after going to the washroom If no, why not?

Yes, of course. Even if it's in my own bathroom at home.

How to Get Men to Wash Their Hands?

Do you really want to shake a man's unwashed hand? Do you want your food prepared or touched by unclean man hands? Do you want to eat PEE-nuts?