Do white people Always wash their hands?

Answer I don't usually make generalizations either but the two white people at my work place ALSO forget to wash their hands. The entire staff at our school knows it and everyone's disgusted by it. Sinc... Read More »

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What are your thoughts on people who don't wash their hands after using a toilet?

What percentage of people wash their hands when leaving public restrooms?

In Japan I'd say 90% of men wash their hands. For women its probably higher (just a guess). Kids maybe 50%.Me 100%

How to Wash Your Hands?

Practice good sanitation habits. If your hands are not clean and you touch your face or public surfaces, you may be infecting yourself and others by spreading germs and disease. Colds, flus, and in... Read More »

Should I wash my hands for 20 sec. or 30 sec.?

what work makes u 2 wash ur hand in this much little time