Do weeds have any benefits in gardening?

Answer When you pull them out they make good compost.

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Which gardening tool to use for pulling weeds?

Use them all, but be delicate:Terry - liquor him up and have him pull weeds at a fever pitch for 8 minutes, the let him lie in the garden to sleep it off.Jimmy next - bury a grilled cheese sandwich... Read More »

What are the physical benefits of gardening?

Free workout :) I lost 10 lbs last year. Also good for energy renewal and muscle, burn more calories and give energy for the rest of the days.

What are the benefits of gardening for cancer patients?

Cultivating your own personal garden is one of the most life-affirming and holistic acts you can perform. It's extremely beneficial for people with cancer because it addresses many needs such as nu... Read More »

Where do i start with a brand new yard no grass just dirt and weeds There are weeds everywhere!?

First kill the weeds. Chemical like Roundup (not a ground sterilizing chemical) or cover with plastic for a few weeks - will kill all. Next rototill. You MUST have good soil under the sod so grass ... Read More »