Do weed killers affect house plants?

Answer Yes... It kills them... DEAD

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How do weed killers effect house plants?

About the same way it affects outdoor plants ... basically, it will kill them too. Actually pretty dangerous to be using weed killers indoors ... pets or children may be harmed if they should consu... Read More »

Weed Killers for Use With Sweet Potatoes Plants?

Protecting food plants from invasive weeds is among the most important duties of any home gardener. By moving in and competing with food plants for moisture and nutrients, weeds can seriously dimin... Read More »

How do acids&bases affect house hold plants?

Soil acidity and alkalinity (baseness) have different effects on different household plants. Acidity and alkalinity are measured by pH, the potential hydrogen in a given sample. If the pH of soil i... Read More »

Weed Killers List?

The definition of "weed" is relatively subjective; one man's weed is another man's golf green, as is the case with creeping bentgrass, for example. Kill off the weed population in your yard or gard... Read More »