Do weather balloons have lights on them?

Answer Weather balloons occasionally use small white lights when launching. These are similar to a flashlight, and are hard to see with the naked eye unless being tracked. Some balloons may also use a fla... Read More »

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How high do weather balloons go?

According to the National Weather Service, weather balloons achieve altitudes of 115,000 feet. Weather balloons are released twice a day from 69 weather stations located in the lower 48 states. Bal... Read More »

Information on Weather Balloons?

Both meteorologists and scientists use weather balloons to collect data from the earth's atmosphere. Data collected with weather balloons is invaluable for atmospheric studies and weather forecasti... Read More »

What do weather balloons measure?

Weather balloons measure data in the upper atmosphere, including temperature, air pressure, humidity, wind speed and direction. They carry instruments that collect data at different altitudes and t... Read More »

5th Grade Science: How to Use Weather Balloons?

Using weather balloons to teach your fifth grade class about the atmosphere is a great way to get your children involved in activities and give a tangible example of your lesson topics. Because thi... Read More »