Do weak knees increase injury chances?

Answer For some people yes. It depends on they way you fall and if you land on it wrong. Just keep wearing braces, the braces help a lot and make it easier on your knees.I know this because I too have kne... Read More »

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What makes you weak in the knees?

Why do my knees feel really weak?

this usually happens to people who stand and drink water.don't stand up and drink water.instead sit down because scientists have shown that standing and drinking water at the same time will give yo... Read More »

How to Make a Girl Weak in the Knees?

Are you one of those guys unsure of what to say when around girls? Do you instantly clam up? Perhaps you are one of those guys who used to have skills but somehow lost his mojo along the way? No ma... Read More »

What makes you turn weak at the knees?