Do we really need credit cards in our life?

Answer On One Hand: They Make Some Transactions EasierCertain transactions, such as purchasing items online or reserving a hotel room, require a credit cards in order to complete the transaction. With eac... Read More »

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Do i really need to accept credit cards?

On One Hand: Knowing the StatisticsA February 2010 Nilson's report found that 609.8 million consumers in the United States own credit cards, spending $20.2 billion in credit card purchases. A Janua... Read More »

How many credit cards do you need for good credit?

On One Hand: One Credit CardApproximately half of the country has only one credit card. If you are not a big credit spender, than one card will probably be sufficient. With a single card, it is e... Read More »

Do i need to close all of my credit cards?

On One Hand: Adverse Effect on Credit ScoreClosing all of your credit cards will have an adverse effect on your credit score. One of the most important factors the computers use to determine your c... Read More »

Do I need cash or credit cards?

On One Hand: Cash Has Real ValueCash is accepted at virtually every physical location in the U.S. There are no limitations to its usage, or dependencies on technology. Small amounts of cash are eas... Read More »