Do we need to learn SQL to learn PL SQL?

Answer Almost all databases use a form of SQL, so learning the basic Structured Query Language would mean you can understand them all.SQL is fairly simple for the most part. It only has a few basic comma... Read More »

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Which is the best way to learn to use the computerand is it easy to learn online?

There may be places in your city where you can go to take classes. Search the Yellow Pages.Other than that, I HIGHLY recommend that you BUY BOOKS. I don't know what the hell it is, but since 1990... Read More »

How to Learn How People Learn?

Trying to get to know that special someone? learning how they learn can be quite useful. it also helps one to be a good leader, if in that position.

How to Learn How to Say No to Yourself?

Say No to Yes!Sometimes, saying no to yourself is harder than saying it to others. You might feel that you 'owe it to yourself' or 'Why not', or some other excuse. This can lead to spending way too... Read More »

How to Learn MS SQL?

MS SQL is a powerful database program and one of the most important in the world of business. There is always a strong need for workers who are well versed in MS SQL, so learning how to use the pro... Read More »