Do we have to reinstall Windows XP...?

Answer No. It will work without reinstallation.

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I had to reinstall windows XP now I have 2 copies how do I delete the old one?

Hi KimWhen you begin to install, windows will ask you if it is ok to overwrite existing Windows directory. Answer Yes. That's it.

If I add an SSD do I have to reinstall anything besides Windows?

Yes, unless you want to start off with a fresh PC. I wouldn't recommend keeping your programs on an HDD because those will run very slow compared to the ultra fast SSD. In my opinion If your going ... Read More »

My windows xp has too much of registry prblms . . and I have lost my xp cd . hw do I reinstall it again . .?

Try Ccleaner latest version. Install it you can download it here:…

If i uninstall windows, install a motherboard then reinstall windows will it erase everything on my pc?

You don't NEED to uninstall Windows for a new motherboard. I haven't reinstalled in years, even though I've upgraded everything imaginable. You CAN follow this guide: Read More »