Do watermelons naturally have sugar?

Answer yes Answer Yes, the content varies between 15 - 40 percent and they are one of the few fruits that rate as high on the Glycemic Index. There are newer types being bred with lower sugar content. Al... Read More »

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Do coffee beans naturally contain sugar?

Coffee beans do not contain sugar in anyways. Unless u put sugar in it! ^_^

Foods that bring blood sugar down naturally?

If you think you are diabetic you should be checked by your doctor, if you have been diagnosed as a diabetic then you need to follow the advice of your doctor.The best way to keep you glucose level... Read More »

Normal Blood Sugar Level: How to Control it Naturally?

When you want to control your diabetes naturally, knowing what your normal blood sugar level is and working to keep it in a good range is vitally important. Although many diabetics have to use insu... Read More »

How can we reduce sugar level in our blood naturally Which herbs, minerals etc. help?

Water and exercise, water and exercise and water, nothing more natural, nothing more effective.