Do watermelon lose their sugar in the heat?

Answer Answer No, actually just the opposite happens. Hot summers will produce sweeter watermelons which means that growing in cooler climates can pose a challange to growing sweet watermelons. There ar... Read More »

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What has more sugar Apples or watermelon?

Apples , watermelons are 94% water and 6% percent sugar

Is watermelon heat or cold to human body?

Watermelon is heat to the body. It just gives you better feeling, when it is hot outside. But it actually increases body heat. My wife had little body heat, few days back... After eating three wate... Read More »

What happens when you heat a sugar solution?

If you heat up sugar alone, it will melt and then solidify into hard, burnt, crystalized pieces. If you put sugar into some water and heat it up, the sugar will at first dissolve and be almost invi... Read More »

The Effects of Moist Heat on Sugar?

In cooking, the term "moist heat" refers to moisture or liquid added to sugar, creating a mixture that's heated for a specified period of time. Moist heat changes the character of sugar molecules -... Read More »