Do water softeners remove iron?

Answer Up to three milligrams of iron per liter can be removed from water by a water softener designed for iron removal. Some models are designed to remove both iron and hard water minerals simultaneously... Read More »

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How do I remove iron bacteria from well water?

Breakup and RemovalRemove the well pump and pump column, and add bleach until the concentration of bleach reaches 1,000 mg/l. You may need to consult with your well manufacturer for the exact size ... Read More »

How do I remove the smell of iron in water?

Test the WaterTest the water with an iron testing kit to determine the cause of the iron odor. Purchase a complete iron test kit to test the water's iron concentration, to test whether or not your ... Read More »

How do I remove iron water stains?

Commercial Rust RemoverApply a commercial rust remover to the stained garment. Let sit for several minutes, then launder as usual. Repeat if necessary. Do not place stained garments in the dryer as... Read More »

Stains of iron on the stucco from water. How to remove?

ZUD is a great cleanser when removing rust from many surfaces. (tubs, toilets, tools, etc.) You can find it in any grocery/department store, in the aisle where the powdered cleansers are displayed... Read More »