Do water fuel cells work?

Answer On One Hand: Lots of ClaimsElectrolyzing water into hydrogen and oxygen and the burning of hydrogen to create water are well-known phenomena, and many claims are made that it can be used to power a... Read More »

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Does water for fuel really work?

On One Hand: Many People Believe Cars Can Run on WaterThere is a large number of people that believe cars can run on water, claiming that it can reduce or eliminate the need for gasoline. There ar... Read More »

What is, "cars that run on fuel cells"?

Sadly, fuel cell cars are a boondoggle, a diversion to hold back electric cars. An electric car will always be cheaper to buy and operate than a fuel cell car. I believe my explanation below will m... Read More »

Are hydrogen fuel cells renewable?

Yes. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory considers hydrogen and fuel cells to be sources of renewable energy. This government body researches production, delivery, storage and safety standards... Read More »

Is hydrogen for fuel cells gas or liquid?

Fuel cells can use hydrogen gas or liquid depending on how the cells are set up, according to the Energy Information Administration. Condensing hydrogen to a liquid, however, makes it much more eff... Read More »