Do wasps lose their stingers?

Answer Unlike bees, wasps--also referred to as hornets or yellow jackets--do not lose their stingers. Only female wasps have stingers, but they can sting as often as they want without dying, injecting pai... Read More »

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Can wasps lose their stingers& still survive?

Unlike bees, wasps can sting multiple times without losing their stingers. If a wasp's stinger is lost, however, the wasp will not survive. The stinger is directly connected to vital organs located... Read More »

Do grasshoppers have stingers?

Grasshoppers don't sting. They usually protect themselves by jumping or flying away. Some grasshoppers can spit a brown liquid that distracts their enemies, giving them time to escape. Grasshoppe... Read More »

How old do you have to be to go to stingers sports bar?

Contrary to popular belief, setting off a stink bomb in the teacher's lounge did not turn out to be a good idea.

Do Male Bumblebees have stingers?

Male Bumblebees do not have stingers but, females do.