Do warehouses charge for air space when double-stacking pallets?

Answer Typically, warehouses charge per pallet, or per square foot. If a warehouse charges per pallet, then the price for pallet storage, regardless of stacking, will always be the same. If they charge pe... Read More »

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When you double space, do you press the space bar twice after a period?

"Double spacing" refers to the space between lines, not the spaces after sentences. There are two better ways to double space than to put in extra blank lines:1. Select the paragraphs you want to d... Read More »

How to Double Space?

Many times it is necessary to double space a document you are writing, either for a school assignment, a report, or other specific formats. Double spacing a document is a very simple task and takes... Read More »

How do you double space on word pad?

Ctrl+2email if you want a super cheap copy of MS office

How do you double space a document?

Step 1. Select the whole thing...(Ctrl + a)Step 2. then right click. Step 3. Click on ParagraphStep 4. On middle you will see Line SpacingStep 5. Change single to Double.Step 6. Click Ok!Congrats..... Read More »