Do waiters/waitresses pocket tips left on their table?

Answer They are supposed to tell the IRS what they make in tips, Haha, a few I've known will make itminimum wage and not tell about the other monies (sometimes a lot)One of the waitresses that answered d... Read More »

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What is a standard pool table pocket size?

The standard size of a corner pocket on a pool table is between 4.5 and 4.625 inches, and the standard size of a side pocket is between 5 and 5.125 inches. The mouth of the side pocket is 1/2 inch ... Read More »

Please help me! my cell phone got washed in my washer cause i left it in my pocket it was all wet !?

Do the atoms on the periodic table increase or decrease from left to right?

The elements on the periodic table are listed in ascending order from left to right based on their atomic number, which indicates the number of protons the element has. The atomic number increases ... Read More »

How do I clean the sticky mark left on my glass table by a sticker?

nail polish remover, and what I use is WD-40 and...are you ready for this?...Mayonaise! Yup! I use mayonaise - try it! I swear! I leave a gob on to soak if there's paper left on the sticky mark... Read More »