Do waiters/waitresses pocket tips left on their table?

Answer They are supposed to tell the IRS what they make in tips, Haha, a few I've known will make itminimum wage and not tell about the other monies (sometimes a lot)One of the waitresses that answered d... Read More »

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What is a standard pool table pocket size?

The standard size of a corner pocket on a pool table is between 4.5 and 4.625 inches, and the standard size of a side pocket is between 5 and 5.125 inches. The mouth of the side pocket is 1/2 inch ... Read More »

Please help me! my cell phone got washed in my washer cause i left it in my pocket it was all wet !?

How to Identify Pocket Knives by Their Blades?

Pocket knives come in a dizzying array of blade shapes and sizes for a variety of uses. Some blade types are more all-purpose, while some are designed to perform best in specific situations. It is ... Read More »

How do I clean the sticky mark left on my glass table by a sticker?

nail polish remover, and what I use is WD-40 and...are you ready for this?...Mayonaise! Yup! I use mayonaise - try it! I swear! I leave a gob on to soak if there's paper left on the sticky mark... Read More »