Do vitamins cause dry eyes?

Answer On One Hand: Vitamin DeficienciesFar from causing dry eyes, taking vitamins often is necessary to avoid dry eyes. Vitamin deficiencies can be a cause of various dry-eye syndromes and taking vitamin... Read More »

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Which Vitamins Cause Hair Growth?

Healthy, strong and long locks come from the inside out. It is essential to get certain vitamins daily to produce a mane that will not easily become damaged. While your hair may not grow faster by ... Read More »

Can Biocell with Hyaluronic Acid vitamins cause acne?

As far as i know hyaluronic acid doesnt cause acne but B vitamins can definitely cause it! Taking an excess of B6 and/or B12 in particular are known for causing acne in some people (which is ironic... Read More »

What is the cause of red eyes ?

Fatigue, allergies, colds, stress, drugs or about a million other things. If that is your only symptom I think you will be ok.

Can teeth cause puffy eyes?

Dental infections and abscesses can wreck havoc on the face, especially the eyes. An inflamed tooth may cause extreme swelling, sometimes forcing the eye on that side of the face closed. Pain in an... Read More »