Norton says i have 23 viruses but all the other software i have say i have none!?

Answer I don't think it says viruses it probably says threats and it you click on show details it will show you what those threats are. Most likely they are tracking cookies. The free version of Norton is... Read More »

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Why am im getting viruses every 10 mins i have avg free edition have had 14 so far?

These tips may help# Beware of unexpected or unsolicited email attachmentsBecause email is one of the primary ways to exchange information among Internet users, it is also a key method for spreadin... Read More »

Can I have two Anti viruses?

Never have 2 Antivirus's running together with on access file scanning active. Only ever have 1 AV active with real time scanning.Even thought both scanners may be happy working together and not co... Read More »

Does the website have viruses?

Try the URL scan (not the file scan) at, looks OK, see… looks OK, too.Also, you can download and use WOT (it's free), it war... Read More »

Does deviantART have viruses?

I use DeviantArt alot and it comes up clean. If you want to feel safer I linked 2 AV and a standalon program (malwarebytes)