Do violets taste like grapes because they're purple?

Answer African violets do not taste like grapes. I don't think they would be good for us to eat, although they are not poisonous unless you ate an abundance of them.

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What do violets taste like?

The flowers of violets are an old fashioned treat. I remember having candied violets at summer teas as a child. I have since recreated them once or twice as an extra treat for friends. I also regul... Read More »

What does purple taste like?

Joy, pure joy. Purple makes my mouth happy. Puuurple!!!!!

Why do purple violets turn white?

This is called sporting. Sometimes a variety will revert back to one the parent colors or ancestors.

Which vegetables do you have trouble eating because you just do not like the taste of them?

I love asparagus and eggplant! You just have to prepare them correctly.l HATE brussel sprouts and celery. To me there is no correct way to eat them. I'm also very picky about cauliflower and brocc... Read More »