Do vinyl records have better sound quality than CDs?

Answer In my opinion, a good quality stereo system with professional components will always produce 'better' sound when playing vinyl. Although, which sounds better to you is largely a matter of personal ... Read More »

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What is the best way of cleaning my vinyl records to improve the quality of the sound as it sounds terrible?

The best way to clean vinyl is by using a dedicated record cleaning machine, such as those available from Origin, Nitty Gritty, Loricraft or Moth.However, these cost around £300-£400, so unless y... Read More »

Why does vinyl sound better than CD?

When a CD is 'burnt' the CD-Writer's laser beam is focused through the clear body of the CD onto the dye layer. When the beam is on, it melts a small hole into the thin layer of dye. The laser cycl... Read More »

Does vinyl still sound better than CD do you reckon?

As a 55 y o crusty, I did grow up with vinyl and have to agree that nothing sounds better than an LP, I think that CDs are wonderful just too clinically good. Also it is so much better to have hold... Read More »

Which m audio speakers have better sound quality av 40 or bx5?