Do video games affect kids?

Answer On One Hand: Psychological studies show a link.The American Psychological Association says that a meta-analysis of all studies conducted on the subject of video games and violence reveals that viol... Read More »

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How do video games affect children?

Video games are unique because they allow players to participate in plot development. While there is recognition that these games affect young people, there is not universal agreement as to how pro... Read More »

Does bit rate affect the video quality of recorded video or affect only sound of the video ?

a low bit rate is low qualitythe Large Frame size 1280x960 is the main problem.reduce the frame size to 640x480 and it will look a lot betteronce its bad quality, converting it can only make it wor... Read More »

If i played video games will it affect my football(soccer) performance?

no it wont affect you but dont ply the whole night go to sleep fo 6-8 hours you will be healthy and freashed out

Video Games for Kids Age Three?

Video games have evolved since introduced in 1972. Video games are now available for personal computers, laptops, cell phones, handheld devices and the separate unit that functions through a televi... Read More »