Do vets get kick backs from pet insurance companies?

Answer This just adds more weight to the fact that these are scams as the writer doesn't understand the regulatory nature of endowments and insurance company procedures and falls back on the old chestnut ... Read More »

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Do vets get kickbacks from pet insurance companies?

Answer yes they do get kick backs from the insurance on the pet!!!!!!! Answer I'm not sure I'd agree with the word "kickback." This normally implies something underhanded, and that's not normally t... Read More »

Is there a database that insurance companies share which prevent you from covertly being on two insurance plans at the same time and picking and choosing the best insurance plan for different needs?

Answer I'm not sure that there is a database that they share, but there is a big concern that you would use both companies for a single claim, 'making money' for being sick or injured. Fraudulant c... Read More »

Which insurance companies in California provide General Liability insurance for pest control companies?

Philadelphia Insurance CompaniesContact: Mike

Can insurance companies deduct medical bills from settlements?

According to, if an insurance company has paid medical bills on your behalf and you receive a personal injury settlement, the insurance company has a right to deduct or ... Read More »